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Using Url Obfuscation To Hide Your Ip Address

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    03 Sep, 2015

Let me elaborate on how hackers use URL Obfuscation in order to hide their IP Address.

It is possible to hide addresses in URLs so that they can bypass filters or other application defenses that have been put in place to block specific IP addresses. Although web browsers recognize URLs that contain hexadecimal or binary character representations, some web filtering applications don’t. Here is an example of an encoded binary IP address:http://8812120797/. Does it look confusing? Hehe Well, this decimal address can be converted into a human readable IP address. Convert the address into hexadecimal, divide it into 4 sets of 2 digits, and finally convert each set back into decimal to recover the IP address manually.

To convert an IP address to its binary equivalent, perform the following steps.

(1) Convert each individual number in the IP address to its binary equivalent. Let’s say that the address is

192 = 11000000
168 = 10101000
13 = 00001101
10 = 00001010

(2) Combine the four eight digit numbers into one 32-digit binary number. The previous example produces 11000000101010000000110100001010.
(3) Convert the 32-bit number back to a decimal number. The example yields 3232238858.
(4) Entering this into the address field, http://3232238858, takes you to


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