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Someone Help--

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    03 Jul, 2015

I really hope the answer is that I'm just paranoid, but I have two friends, both have no association to each other and I hang out with each separately, but I started to notice that both of them do weird stuff around me using the exact same gadgets and mannerisms. I'll make this brief.
What I see from them both is

They constantly are coming over with a stupid amount of chargers and always claim to have issues with chargers and are constantly trying to get me to use their chargers or ask me out of the blue if I need to charge my phone. Both of them constantly see holding bic lighters and literally point the lighters or light up their cigarettes for extensive periods of Time but always making sure they are in the direction of my laptop, cell phone, or tablet . Even in a completely lighted room, they act like they can't see if they drop something and bust out with flashlights or some LED lighting tool but always making sure that they are in the direction of my electronic devices, trying hard not to be obvious. One friend, every time he comes over to my hotel to hang out, the first thing he does, and I kid you not is he runs straight to the ac unit and acts like it's not blowing out air properly and starts taking it apart and completely fucks with it , the he runs over to a lamp or light fixture and starts to fuck with the light bulbs and obsesses over how bad the lighting in the room is and even sometimes happens to have a light bulb to change out the lights, and I even feel like I see him messing with hinges, and screws on any object in the room or bathroom. Then, his next step is he runs to the hotel TV grabs the remote and I watch him every time click the same pattern of buttons on the tv. He always goes to specific channels or turns the volume up super high then clicks it back down always using the same sequences and it ends with him placing the remote control down but moves it so its pointed at me, the other friend is always trying to put music on but its so randomly and always makes sure he is within my range . The other friend, he is always clicking something and I feel like hours and hours go by and I'm constantly dodging him because he is always trying to be in the direct path of my cell phone and tablet and he will follow me with a lighter in his hand and I swear to god try to be in the path of my phones sensor or something,,does this even make sense.....now every time I hang out with them I notice unsual and slow behavior on every single one of my electronic devices, everything seems to have a magnetic field to it, as weird as that sounds,,,I may sound crazy but I always feel like I'm being watched and just totally invaded on as far as privacy.its a feeling I can't shake. And I am losing my mind. Each of them at one point has had access to my devices. But no matter how hard I search or how many times I factory reset my devices, I feel like they have been hacked and I'm continually texting people and more than one person is getting these messages or all my stuff is getting downloaded ...I constantly see things being downloaded and then disappearing,,,,but I NEVER EVER can find a trace of what could be malware. Please someone help me..tell me how I can find tangible proof to approach them with and not look crazy, both of them have a way of making me feel crazy. I feel like both of them can even see what I'm typing now.

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    24 Jan, 2015

What did I just read? 


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    02 Sep, 2015


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