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Nice To Meet Y'all

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    04 Sep, 2015

I am Jchassy, and I am a newbie to the whole idea of accessing network and system securities. I am in college studing to become a computer engineer and hopfully learn to specialize in cyber sercuity. My dream job would be working in the Air Force under the US Cyber Command and getting invovled in proforming and stopping cyber warfare. I would like to say I am a learner because thats what I love to do but I have dyslexia and it makes it hard for me to learn somethings but bullshit that like doesn't stop me nor should it you. I am currently at a Millitary College as a cadet corporal. I am the in the Group staff as the Chief Clerk. Anyway thats me!


If anybody could I would like to try to get into this website for one of my classes. If you can help out please PM me.


Thanks! Can't wait to join this community it looks amazing.

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    10 Apr, 2015

This site has nothing to do with pentesting at all. This is a cracking site, but regardless welcome to the community and please read the rules: https://www.nulledbl...31-board-rules/

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