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Q&a - New Rune System!

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    02 Sep, 2015
Q: What are runes?
A: Runes are an out-of-game way, similar to the mastery system, to add additional customization to your summoner and champion. There are red, blue, green, and black runes. Red runes are generally damage; yellow runes are generally defense; blue runes are generally caster stats.

The large ones are called Quintessences, which are worth much more than other runes. There are a wide variety of stats available in the Quintessence slot, including certain types of runes, such as run speed, which are *only* available in Quintessence form.

There are three tiers of runes as well.

Q: How do you earn runes?
A: You can purchase runes from the store in-game. From levels 1-10, you can only use Tier 1 runes. From levels 11-20, you can only use Tier 1 and Tier 2 runes. From levels 21-30, you can use any tier runes.

Q: How do you upgrade runes from first tier to second tier?
A: 5 random rank 1 runes = 1 random rank 2 rune. 5 Random rank 2 runes = 1 random rank 3 rune. Additionally, 2 runes of the same tier can be combined for a random rune of the same tier (2 tier 3 runes = 1 tier 3 rune)

Q: How many runes can you have equipped?
A: There are 9 red, 9 yellow, and 9 blue slots when you reach summoner level 30. In addition, there are 3 Quintessence slots.

Q: If red is offensive, yellow is defensive, and blue is caster stats, what happens to my 9 wasted slots if I don't want one of them?
A: You can find runes of weaker stats (for example, a 5hp blue rune instead of the 15hp yellow rune) if you are only interested in stacking certain stats. While they are weaker, it does give additional customization.

Q: Will I be able to switch rune sets quickly or do I need to change runes manually before every game?
A: You will be able to save 2 "sets" of runes that can be switched to quickly before a game.

Q: Is the combiner supposed to be random? For example, can I not merge 5 tier 2 runes that are +dmg to get a tier 3 rune that is +dmg?
A: Yes, it is supposed to be random. The idea is that you can cannibalize surplus runes into better ones.

Q: Can I have the same runes on pages 1 and 2?
A: Yes! If you wish, you can have the same runes on both pages. This means that you don't need to buy 6 HP quintessences if you want HP Quintessences on both pages, for example.

Q: What are the differences between Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary runes?
A: Each rune is designed to go in a specific colored slot. For example, +HP is supposed to go in to the yellow slot. However, if you wish, you can put this rune in other slots, for a weaker effect. Secondary runes are slightly weaker in the slots than Primary runes. Tertiary are much weaker.

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