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[Guide] The Mechanics Of Winning, The Secret To Why You Lost.

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    02 Sep, 2015


So, you're probably jumping in here either because the title caught your eye, or because you're simply ****ing sick of losing, of your teammates going 0/5 in lane, or getting trolled, or whatever. You're probably also sick of people in higher Elo saying "there is no Elo Hell dude, you have to get better, those games are carriable you just aren't doing it right." I know I was.

That was until my eyes were opened by getting dominated by several different people in platinum division in every lane, several times. As in destroyed. As in I counter-picked them with champions I knew well, and still got destroyed. Like. 0/4 in lane, 70 cs behind them destroyed. You get the picture. Anywho, I decided to write a guide awhile back about my experiences since then, and called it "Why You Lost (A Guide to Winning)." The link to it is provided at the end of *this* guide, in case you want to take a look. It got upwards of over 100 upvotes (I had to recreate and expand it, so both topic upvotes combined was over 100), so I guess it was good advice. It's long as hell though.

With this guide, I want to be more succinct, provide the *most* important information in the best and shortest way possible. This is stuff that works, and it's eye-opening. I'm not throwing **** at you like "Wards win games" - even though they do, you'll see that in EVERY guide on here. It's not new news, it's old news. If you aren't doing the things that four hundred guides have told you to do then there's no helping you anyway. You're just reading for information without applying anything.

Now I'm not platinum, I still lack a lot of game sense, technical skills, etc. I make a **** ton of stupid mistakes in games that sometimes even throws the game (some of these have been "I'm 16/3/10 stomping their team and make one bad mistake, get caught, and lose" type deals. This was me, throwing away my basically for sure victory, because I got cocky or whatever. Then I'm tempted to rage at my teammates and say "bronze is uncarriable." It is carriable though, you just have to stop acting like a ****ing moron). K. Without any further delay, my guide:

i. TABLE OF CONTENTS (You can Copy these, type "Ctrl+F" and then paste them in the search box):

1. Mentality and Zombies, and Why Zombies Probably Love Brains So Much
1a. Don't Waste Time.
1b. How the Karate Kid Ruined the World.
1c. Plan Ahead and FOLLOW THROUGH.
3. WINIONS!!!!
4. Ezreal's Mindset is Bronze Inspired.
5. If Only the Protoss Were So Easily Destroyed
6. More on Hard Work and Its Relationship With LoL Tools.
^ ^ ^ #6 is really long, sorry. I may break it up later.
7. Tier List

1. Mentality and Zombies, and why Zombies Probably Love Brains So Much

Have you ever dropped a ward (you probably felt like a boss doing so, "Yep, I ward my ****ing lane, I'm basically awesome, no one else in Bronze wards their lane&quotwink.gif, continued laning, started to stomp your opponent, then all of a sudden the jungler comes out of nowhere behind you, rapes you, rapes your children, rapes your children's children, and leaves you wondering "Where the **** did this ******* come from?"

You look, and you ponder, and you wonder. Then you realize. The only possible way he could have come was DIRECTLY through the vision provided by your ward. You simply didn't use the ****ing ward at all. You basicallywasted 75 gold on something that made you feel like a boss at first, and then a complete ****ing moron afterward. Good job.

Yup. So, why did this happen? It doesn't always happen, often you'll use the ward and see the jungler and either make your getaway, or realize that your opponent is so low, and you are 2 levels above the jungler, that you can basically 2v1 by getting the drop on the unsuspecting jungler and come away clean. That always feels good, and makes you feel like you shouldn't be in bronze when you do that. You're right. When you do that you shouldn't be in bronze, but when you forget to look, you *should* be there.

The reason you do this is your mentality during the game. You might be sad, angry, upset, frustrated, tired, hungry, etc. But something is affecting your gameplay that is causing you to make stupid decisions like not looking at the map. I call this Zombie mode. Basically a zombie just ate your brain and you became like a zombie - going through the motions of whatever is most satisfying (mentally) at the moment. Namely going blindly after your lane opponent without making sure it's safe to do so. You saw the kill, you tunnel visioned, and you got blown up for it. 

This mentality is RAMPANT in late game. It's why, basically, you should never surrender in bronze, because people always do stupid **** that you can use to turn around a game. People don't take the time to think about what they're doing, they just (to quote the Joker) "Do...things..." like a dog chasing cars.

Example: My friend was playing top Nunu and dominating his lane. He was fed to hell, and his ult, fully channeled, was doing somewhere in the ballpark of 2000 damage. His team was throwing the game. The other team started Baron, and his team went in 2 by 2 to stop them, the first two to go in got destroyed, the second two got caught, and started to run away. My friend, seeing all this, parked his ass in the blue bushes, waited for the perfect moment, and started his ult, the SECOND the ENTIRE team was there, his ult reached full channel, he instantly killed three of them, and the other two got mopped up by his ADC. They pushed and won the game. Had he not used his brain for honestly like 7 extra seconds that would never have happened, he wouldn't have won, he would have felt pissed at his team for being idiots, and would never have realized his mistake - by making smart plays you win games. 

You don't win games with a high KDR. 50% of the players in bronze will have a high KDR in any given game, it's not that hard. Only 1% of them are making smart plays, which is why they can't get out, and it requires a healthy mentality and your brain intact to make them. If you notice yourself sort of zoning out, stop playing ranked, you will still do well mechanically - most lane operations are pretty well tied to muscle memory (things like cs'ing and hitting skillshots). You'll still get kills, you'll still do *well,* but you lack the brain capacity to think outside of what's normal in every game. Cs'ing, landing skillshots, going for kills, pushing towers - all of these will happen in every game. Nunu ulting a team returning from baron chasing your stupid team will probably never happen to him again.

This is point #1 of this guide for a reason - it is the biggest determinant as to whether or not you will actually (and I mean actually) carry your game. You can't quantify things like "smart decisions." You can only correlate them with things like CS and KDR (and whether the nexus died or not). You can increase the likelihood of smart decisions happening through clarity of thought though.

Also - If you're so addicted to playing League of Legends that you can't stop playing it when it's not smart to play it, you've got some issues beyond "zombie mode" to work out. I can't help you there. I know, however, that this problem is rampant, and most of these idiots are in bronze as well.

One more thing - getting a healthy meal, exercising regularly, and having a social life will all dramatically increase your likelihood of staying away from those zombies. Most of you won't take this part seriously ("the gym? Eww...&quotwink.gif, but it's true. Mitochondria have been proven to increase your overall energy and ability to process decisions. Sadly, most of you probably won't take it seriously because of the whole "addicted" thing above. You likely know it's true, but just aren't willing to go through the effort of improving your life to improve your Elo. Which is kind of stupid when you think about it. If that's the case you clearly don't want to improve your standing strongly enough. Food for thought.

1a. Don't Waste Time, It's Wasteful.

I've been watching a lot of high-level streams lately, and the common denominator with people in Diamond and above is that they are, like, OBSESSED with not wasting time. As in it is on their mind 24/7. Nightblue3 (who has an awesome, informative stream, by the way) constantly talks about things like timing your buffs, NEVER wasting conservation stacks (he's a jungler main), and NEVER standing anywhere for longer than a few seconds. If a gank doesn't come your way, don't just stay there. He is constantly doing something, and it's interesting because as I watch his games 20 minutes in, he has like 150 cs as the JUNGLER, and I look back and wonder "wait, how did he get that high? I didn't really notice him doing anything out of the ordinary..." and then it hits me. The only thing he did that is "out of the ordinary" was never wasting time, grabbing cs here and there, holding lanes, ganking when he could, etc. To him holding a lane prioritizes ganking, simply because it allows the team to maintain xp and gold while (hopefully) forcing the other team to lose some.

I've seen him dominate in Diamond III, as in dominate. Destroy. Annihilate. Make the Diamond players look like how I looked against the Platinum players. You get the point. And it's all in the little decisions he makes constantly as he's playing. Two things cause a snowball: Gold and EXPERIENCE. A lot of people forget the second one. It's not just kills that give you items, but experience that gives you stronger abilities and higher stats. Even when Nightblue3 is behind, he snowballs because he doesn't waste time, and when he enters fights again he's just as strong as them.

Along this same line is "casually playing." Ranked games are not the time for "casual playing." Now, before you get the wrong idea of what I mean, let me explain. Always be courteous, always try to work with your team as best as you can, don't rage, etc. That's not what I mean by casual. What I mean is you aren't really taking YOUR OWN ROLE in the match seriously. As a jungler in bronze if all you are doing is going from camp to camp, maybe ganking when you see an opportunity (or sometimes when you don't...), going back, then farming the jungle again, you are doing the BARE MINIMUM and it is WHY you are in bronze. Watch a high-level stream and NOTICE all the things that junglers do. They aren't just roaming from camp to camp and occasionally ganking. They are holding lanes, they're finding new paths to gank from, they're warding (at least 2 wards out at ALL TIMES, a trinket is NO EXCUSE to not buy wards), they're INVADING (I promise that if you, as a jungler, pick a strong 1v1 duelist and invade as well as keep timers on everything and KEEP INVADING you will win 80% of your games in bronze. Bronze teams have NO IDEA how to counter this kind of play, silver also has a very hard time dealing with it), they're engaging in teamfights and skirmishes when it'ssmart to do so. They make calculated plays (some of which comes with experience so you can't be faulted with that, I guarantee nearly everyone who is in Diamond has spent far more time playing this game than you have).

I guarantee that if you are in bronze you do not do these things on a consistent basis. I am 100% sure that you don't. YOU, the one reading this. Not "you" in the "general" sense. I mean ****ing you. Billy, Ted, John, whatever the hell your name is. YOU do not do these things. The sooner you ****ing get this in your skull and start improving the sooner you will...guess what?...START IMPROVING!

1b. How the Karate Kid Ruined the World, and What This Has to Do With League.

So if you haven't seen the Karate Kid (either version) then just think about any "random character overcomes massive challenge by preparing and training" style movie. Rocky, Mighty Ducks, whatever. Here's the thing. These types of stories are really cool and we feel all inspired to go out and take life by the horns and destroy all those bad habits and whatever. Then we get out and start training and things are really cool. You're gonna conquer the world. Then two weeks down the line you notice nothing's really changed. If you hit the gym, for instance, you maybe dropped 1 or 2 pounds, your bench max perhaps increased five or ten pounds, whatever. You get discouraged, because hey, you put in a lot of effort for like, no return. What the hell man?

Here's the thing. We've been ingrained with a mindset of a 5-minute montage of training in a 2 hour movie makes all the difference. Because let's be honest, a one hour and 55 minute montage of training with 5 minutes of success isn't very interesting. That's just it though, TRAINING is NOT interesting, nor will it ever be. It's ****ing hard work man! It takes willpower, it takes time, it takes MORE TIME, and MORE WILLPOWER. Sometimes it involves a lot of sacrifice, or doing things we really don't want to do. Here's the thing, if you TRULY want to be amazing at ANYTHING, you have to SACRIFICE a ton! For instance, if you want to be good at League, truly want to be good, then you're going to have to start doing things like getting a great night's sleep, waking early, getting a good, healthy breakfast, and going to the gym to increase your energy. Does any of this directly involve your skills at League? Nope. But it's mandatory if you really want to be good and consistently destroy people.

9 out of 10 of you (or more) really won't even be close to even considering that kind of sacrifice though, because misery is comfortable, it's easier, which is why many of us prefer it to success and happiness. So if you can't make it passed this step all I'm asking you to do is accept that you are a lazy piece of **** and you will never improve. I seriously want you to accept that. I'm not joking. You are a lazy sack of horse filth. You will not improve in the game, because you lack the willpower to train and get better, you want the results without the work. The world doesn't work like that buddy. You will never, ever amount to anything in terms of "success" until you get over your fear of hard work. Read all of the "feel good" **** out there you want, but won't change the fact that "you are a good person" does not, nor will it ever equate to "you are a successful person." A lot of good people are not successful, and a lot of successful people are not "good." The two can coincide, but they do not breed each other in any way.

Note that this concept was stolen from an article on new year's resolutions. What it all comes down to is experience. People who have been playing the game for a long time have a certain feel for who's where and when. I can't count how many times I've been watching a stream and all of a sudden the streamer will say "the jungler's there." and ping. There's no wards up, they just *know* that the jungler is there, and 9 times out of 10 they're right. It's sort of an internal alarm that rings suddenly and wakes them up, gets them out of zombie mode, and helps them start paying attention. This comes from playing game after game after game after game, and there is simply no substitute for it. The only way you can "expedite" the experience is by paying close attention and actively learn while you're playing, which, again, is hard work. Concentration is difficult to maintain, especially when you're focusing on so many other things.

1c. Plan Ahead and FOLLOW THROUGH

Something I've noticed a lot with both me and others I've "followed" and kept up with is that a lot of us will grab an idea and try to implement it, but not really follow through with it.

As an example, one thing a Diamond jungler (sorry for all the jungle references, I've been watching a lot of Nightblue3...) will do in a bronze-level match is invade the jungle and basically destroy their jungler consistently. So they say you "need to invade" and so we try to invade and all of a sudden we get gang-banged by the jungler and bot lane or something. Which sucks. So we stop doing it for awhile until we get the courage to do it again, maybe it works a few times then we get gang-banged and wonder why it seems to work so well for Diamond players and not for us.

Seriously what you need to do is take a concept (such as invading the jungle) and then WATCH A STREAM and while you're watching ONLY pay attention to how they do that specific concept. You'll notice they drop a ward in their enemy's jungle, for instance. But it doesn't stop there, they usually drop a ward at a location that...guess what?...they want to invade! At a TIME that they know the jungler will cross through (so they may drop a ward at their blue at 6:45 or so). It doesn't stop there though. They also stick around that area so that they can jump in when they see the jungler cross their vision. They then invade and destroy the jungler, getting out before the enemy team has time to react.


So. Most of you don't realize this. But. Most of you want to be carried. You don't want to do the actual carrying. (Example: How many of you would jump on the opportunity to have a diamond player carry you out of bronze?). Carrying is more work. Most of you hate work, that's why you're playing a video game. It requires you to use your brain (we've established that you can't be in zombie-mode already) to make clutch plays. You don't want to do this. You would MUCH rather have the enemy team be a bunch of ******* and your team all do well and you stomp the **** out of the enemy team. It's easier. Easier is better.


I know I'm right, because this is basic human psychology. You're ****ing lazy. The sooner you realize that, the faster you can improve the mentality. A high KDR is not carrying. 5,000 CS is not carrying. Destroying the Nexus is carrying. It's the only goddamn objective that TRULY matters. It doesn't matter if you only have 5 towers and they have 11, as long as you got that Nexus, it's game over. You can carry with a KDR of 0/22/0, by simply banging your head against turrets until they die. I don't recommend this strategy, but if the enemy team was stupid enough to let you do it, congrats, you just carried your game.

Let me tell you a story, youngling, about the Vikings. The Vikings were dominant forces in the ancient world for many, many years. Something interesting about the Vikings that was not true of any other major force in the same era - they rowed their own boats. Most had slaves do such menial work. They were more focused on commanding the ship, keeping it steady, whipping a few slaves when they got bored, and bedding women. When the time came to fight, they were still well-trained and well-armored, but the Vikings were simply stronger. The Vikings didn't take the easy way out - they worked hard, and they conquered for a long time because of it. They eventually lost because people smarter than them created things that were stronger than their muscles, but that is another point entirely (and we'll get to that). Be like the Vikings. Row your own goddamn boat dude. Get out of the "carry me please" mentality into the "Okay, so, the only person I can really rely on (unless I'm duoing with someone tried and true whom I trust) is myself. I'm gonna carry the **** out of this game because I know my champion, I know the enemy champions, and I know how to outplay them." Then get to work. Good luck.

3. WINIONS!!!!

Yup. CS. Important as ****. You need to improve it. I recently spectated a guy I duo with who does very well in the role of ADC. We win a majority of our games and try to duo together simply because we both know we will win our lanes and win the game with smarter gameplay than the enemy team. Anyway. I was watching this game, and noticed how often he missed cs. Like. All the time. He would misjudge the timing on his abilities/auto-attacks (he was playing Ezreal), or he simply wouldn't see them because he was focused on harassing the enemy or grabbing a different minion. I laughed because I realized I probably do the same thing all the time. Sometimes I just have those games where I'm 160 cs at 20 minutes, feelin good. Other times I'll notice I'm like 90 cs at 20 minutes, and wonder what the hell happened because I felt like I grabbed most of the cs in my lane. Thing is, 160 cs at 20 minutes is still missing out on over 40 cs (see any cs table for the data, they're everywhere). I realize you miss out on cs while backing or dying, and that sometimes you just can't grab everything because two minions die at the same time or whatever, but still. 40 cs is about 1000 gold. That's like, a Giant's Belt if I'm top lane. It's a vamp scepter and more if I'm ADC. Its a blasting wand and two wards if I'm mid. Wow.

Here's the thing - if you're actually carrying bronze elo, and stomping the **** out of your lane opponent like those platinum/diamond players did to me, you have no reason not to grab 95% of the cs that comes your way. If you in turn get zoned, you'll miss out on a ton of both experience and cs, which causes you to miss out on even more experience and cs when you get back to lane and they simply zone you again. I did that to a Zed player just recently as Wukong (Zed actually counters Wukong despite what ChampionSelect says, but most Zeds are obviously bad in bronze). He did his normal thing, pushing the lane and harassing me, I simply let him do so, he pushed me to tower, I cs'd at tower, pushed the lane back to him, backed, grabbed two doran's, and ****ed the **** out of him. He was level 8 when I was level 11 and got the first kill on him. He simply couldn't enter the lane without getting demolished because I outplayed him and made smarter decisions in my item build. My cs was, again, 160 at 20 minutes, his was like 70. I don't say this to point out how awesome I am - I've had games where things don't go my way and I become that Zed - but to point out a concept. Carrying games starts at the 2 minute mark (sometimes sooner), and continues all the way until the Nexus dies. It was a 25 minute surrender, which is ridiculously rare in ranked games. That game I carried like a boss (it helped that a few teammates also did well, but at the same time, carrying my lane allowed me to keep pressure on my lane, which in turn took pressure off of their lanes and allowed them to do well as well). Good plays beget good plays. I've strayed from CS. My apologies.

Seriously though, if you can't master the most fundamental part of this game, you have a long way to go. If you aren't consistently over 100 cs by 15 minutes, you are doing something wrong. Reach for more than 100, but let that be your benchmark, if you need one. (Personally I don't shoot for any benchmark other than "20 cs above everyone else (opponents and allies) at any given time past 15 minutes&quotwink.gif. If I'm not at this point, then I know I've failed somewhere, and need to go back and take a look, because it's not hard to out-cs 90% of the bronze players out there or more.

4. Ezreal's Mindset is Bronze Inspired.

"Who needs a map?" Sound familiar? It's you every time you zombie-mode get ganked by the jungler who waltzed past your ward. It's also a famous Ezreal catchphrase.

Stop it.

Start looking at the goddamn map dude! Don't come back to ranked (I'm ****ing serious) until you have some concept of what map awareness is. It's not just looking at the map while laning or farming. It's looking at the teamfight and realizing what your role is and where you need to be to fulfill it. Also, it's noticing where your teammates are and how you can fully utilize THEIR abilities with your own. I guarantee that if you are STILL in bronze, you have never even THOUGHT of doing this. I absolutely 100% guarantee it. If you say you have "thought of it," okay. You may have given it a moment's thought, but I don't think you've truly understood how incredibly important it is that you do this.

A level 6 dc'd wukong with only a giant's belt from the gold over time that he obtained while dc'd can still make godlike plays with his ult, even if everyone else is level 11. With the proper positioning and enough health to last out the fight, he can set up his team to victory. Obviously it helps if he can throw out some level 11 ult damage along with better items and more tankiness, but the fact remains that he still has teamfight presence. Some of you idiots take your higher-experience-than-everyone-else wukong, throw him into the fight, ult, feel like a boss, and then ****ing lose the teamfight because you have no map awareness whatsoever. You ult the ADC. Good job. The ADC was Ezreal, he E'd away as soon as he could, then their team blew you the **** up. Your team is now fighting 4v5, their bruisers are still on the front line (they didn't have to go far to throw out their deeps), you lost the game. Because you're a moron with no map awareness. 


K. You get the point. Look at the map, realize what it's telling you, form a quick strategy in your head (this takes familiarity with game flow as well as champion knowledge), and execute it when the time is right. That is literally ALL it takes to win in bronze. I'm serious. No one else will be doing it, I guarantee it, so figure out how YOU can turn the tides in your favor by making the smartest decision YOU can make, your team be damned.


5. If Only the Protoss Were So Easily Destroyed

All it takes to win is destroying the Nexus. This requires a minimum of 5 towers and one inhibitor, though that's rarely the case.

All the other intricacies - CS, Map Awareness, Baron, Dragon, Towers, Kills, Item Builds, Skill Order, etc. - are second to the overarching goal of destroying the Nexus. Now, that obviously sounds obvious, but it's so ridiculously easy to forget.

Also, for *most* of you, that's not the actual goal. Your goal is likely to look as badass as possible, while putting forth the least amount of effort possible. Those two seem to conflict, and yet you lazy *****s don't do a goddamn thing in game and then say **** like "Bronze is so impossible to win." 

Here's the thing. You're way too stuck on things that don't matter. If you truly want to improve your division standing, I'm here to tell you that you can do it. Don't get lost in Bronze Mentalities.

Bronze Mentalities:

1. The way to prove your manhood in game is by getting lots and lots and lots of kills.
2. Attack an enemy as soon as they're in range = win.
3. Certain champions are just "OP" and should always be banned.
4. Champion Select says that Teemo counters Darius, therefore if I take Teemo against Darius I will win my lane.
5. If you win your lane, then losing the game isn't your fault. Somehow this means you didn't really "lose." I mean, like,you didn't lose, not really. It just looks like you lost. But, I mean, you won your lane, so, like, you didn't really lose. Your teammates lost, but not you. You're not a loser. You don't lose. Like ever. Losing is for people who aren't ****ing awesome, and you are basically, well, ****ing awesome. So you don't really actually lose. Ever.

There are more, but let's focus on these ones first. 

Kills. Yep, you've read all about it before I'm sure, and this is actually slowly changing in the LoL community. People are still kill hungry, but it's not nearly as bad as it was a year ago. Still. Staying alive is preferable to dying with a kill. Sometimes 2 for 1's aren't even worth it. High CS > High KDR too, by the way. In a game where you get 10 kills and 10 assists, and assuming no one else shared assist gold and you got 300 for every kill, that puts you at 4,500 gold from KDR. Assuming you farmed 300 minions in that time, that puts you at (assuming 25g per minion) 7,500 gold from farm. Almost double. Just be patient, farm away, and grab kills when you see them coming your way. This actually brings us to the second point.

League of Legends is all about patience, it truly is. The higher-ups understand this, and it's the reason they do so well. They sit back, passively farming and waiting for you to make a mistake (because, being a bronzie, you will), and then BAM they execute destruction on your soul the second you do. They don't try to do things they can't, they simply wait for you to **** up. Take the Darius vs. Wukong matchup (I main Wukong so I can talk about him best). Apparently Darius is supposed to **** on Wukong, and, if you play like a ****ing moron, he will. I've played the Darius vs. Wukong matchup so much now, though, that I will honestly pick Wukong to counter Darius. All Darius's in bronze will do three things - 1) push their lane to hell, 2) Try to Q you as soon as you're in range, 3) try to hook you if you aren't at full health. Understanding this, Wukong can do so many things to basically **** on Darius if the Darius is playing like a derp. He can freeze the lane at the tower and deny Darius massive amounts of farm, he can bait out the Q's and dodge them, then E, AA, Q dive him. He can bait out the engage and laugh as Darius wastes his ult on the clone, etc. There are so many ways to outplay a Darius as Wukong that 90% of the people in bronze simply don't think of. Work on your patience. Play a custom game where all you do is farm for an hour (or however long it takes your minions to accidentally push the nexus), just to develop the patience to do so - if that's what it takes. Seriously, by being patient and waiting for the *best* moment to act, your wins will skyrocket. Another Wukong example - rather than simply engaging on the team with your ult, wait until their ADC is slightly out of position trying to farm the next wave coming in, E to him, Ult on him, stick to him, W out. You just knocked out the ADC, allowed your team to engage and blow them up before they had time to react, and still got out safely. Go you. Had you simply W'd into them with an E, R combo at any old time, you likely wouldn't have knocked the ADC out, and you probably would have gotten blown up. You might still win the teamfight, but one decision is much smarter than the other. It takes patience to make smart plays, but you can do it! smile.gif

The "OP" Champs. Oh god. This whole mentality cracks me up. Every game - Shen, Blitzcrank, Amumu, Malphite, Hecarim, and one final random ban. People RAAAAGE when you don't ban those champs, and RAAAGE even more when the enemy team picks them. Then later, when you stomp the team, they say nothing. Here's the thing. Shen is not at all OP. His ult is ****ing useful, but only if you have map awareness. You're in bronze, so you don't. If you're going to ban a support with a hook that can turn games around try banning Thresh. His hook costs 1/2 the mana, it locks them down for longer, it allows you to pull yourself to them to knock them back into your 99% slow ultimate, and you get an AD buff based on souls collected. How is that not more overpowered than Blitzcrank? Here's the thing, people can't land a hook to save their lives with Blitz, and if they do, they do it at random weird times that won't guarantee a kill. Malphite, Amumu, and Hecarim are all useful for the same reason - godlike ults for teamfights. If you have no map/game awareness though (and especially if you really don't know the champion that well) they don't do much other than stop you from performing actions for a second or two. None of these champions (except perhaps Amumu as he is low skillcap) are bronze stompers. Akali, Yorick, and Zed, on the other hand are bronze stompers. While they take skill to master, they don't take too much skill to begin with. Akali throws things at people, then dashes to them, attacks them and throws more things at them, all in the safety of smoke. Ezpz. Yorick tosses ghouls at you while safely farming away from you. Ezpz. Zed just keeps throwing dem shurikens over and over and over. Ezpz. Try banning champions that can easily get fed and snowball in bronze instead of the normal OP Picks, see how it improves your game (also try to ban FotM champs like Akali - Yorick is a rare pick, though if you know someone is going to pick him, feel free to toss out that ban). Hell, sometimes I purposefully leave champions unbanned so the other team picks them, because I know that 95% of the time, they are going to royally SUCK with them. Also, keep in mind that bans are not the end of the world. This is such a bronze mentality fed by the importance of bans in the upper divisions. In a diamond 5v5 premade ranked game, bans are of the utmost importance because certain champions can upset the flow of what they try to accomplish. Solo-queue bronze is a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off running around trying to kill things. You'll still be just fine if they pick Amumu, I promise, as long as you know you have the skill to win your lane and keep snowballing.

As far as counter-picks go, all I'm going to say is that only play champions you know frontwards and backwards. If they happen to "counter" the opponent, then great, but, like my Wukong vs Darius example above, if you know your own champion ridiculously well, counters don't mean much, I promise. Out of approximately 15ish games played against Darius as Wukong, I've lost the lane once - and it was because he simply outplayed me. Another matchup I take all the time is Garen against Teemo, Vlad, or Jayce. I know Garen well enough, and I know most Teemos, Vlads, and Jayces well enough, that I know how to "counter" them trying to counter me, and 9 times out of 10 I will win those lanes as well. Example - Teemo wants to kite me through his shrooms? WQ = minimal damage taken and no slow. Get stomped Teemo.

So, the Blame Game. Seriously all I'm going to say here is stop it. Did your damn Nexus die? Then you lost. Game over. Stop throwing blame elsewhere, it's only crippling you. I mean, read #5 again. Read it without thinking about how funny it is. As in, read it asking yourself "Okay this sounds obviously and ridiculously stupid, but do I actually do this?" Coming back to this text file (I left it for awhile and came back to it a few weeks later) I realized that I'm still guilty of doing it quite often. Probably why I didn't quite hit Silver at the end of Season 3, to be honest. I'm taking a break from ranked until preseason is over (because it's basically 1/2 gains until the soft-reset on MMR), and coming back to this guide and rereading it I was shocked at how quickly my attitude turned self-toxic (I don't rage at teammates usually anymore, but I still often play the silent blame game). Anyway, the point of this is to show you how stupid it is to play the blame game. Because it is stupid. So stop it.

6. More on Hard Work and Its Relationship With LoL Tools.

So, when I was younger, I watched Pokemon. 
Shutup, it was an awesome show. 
Anyway. I remember a specific episode (I think it was like the second or third season, after he lost the championships or whatever) where he had to fight this guy who was basically using a prediction algorithm on his computer to beat, like, EVERYONE. Of course this upset Ash who believed in the "heart" of Pokemon beating the **** out of other Pokemon or something (Hey I said it WAS an awesome show). Anyway, he fights this dude and loses horribly, then asks for a rematch (if I remember correctly. He may have just started the match out losing and then put his big boy pants on). Anyway, so he's losing, and begins doubting himself and thinking "is this the future of Pokemon? Do I have to start doing this too?" Then he's like "**** no! Pikachu beat the **** out of that Pokemon!!!" Or something. Anyway, he wins. Yay!

My point is that there are a lot of tools that you can use for League, such as LoLNexus, LoLReplay, LoLKing, etc. These are great tools, but don't let them dominate your decision making process. I can't count how many times I've checked my lane opponent and seen he's like 35% win rate with that specific champion with a KDR of like 0.72 and been like "Welp, this'll be easy mode" only to get my ass handed to me and feel like an idiot. Go into every game assuming you are going up against Platinum+ Smurfs! That is the BIGGEST idea I want you to get out of this entire guide. If you go into every game with this mindset you will truly feel the heart of League, and be one with the champions. Okay just kidding. But seriously, going into the game with this mindset will constantly keep you on your toes and out of zombie mode. It will keep you playing at your best, because you will get that rush of an actual challenge that you strongly desire to overcome. You know the feeling. You ALWAYS play better with that mindset, I guarantee it. Seriously, just imagine that you are a Bronze or Silver (or Gold, for you Goldies out there reading this, I know you're out there!) thrust into the Platinum level division. We'll even say Platinum 1. Now, if that suddenly happened, wouldn't you want to do everything you could to stay there? Seriously. Wouldn't you? Well, take that feeling that you are feeling, and translate it into your current level of play. Your opponent is ridiculously better than you, so you simply have to stay alert at all times. The jungler isn't going to just come from the lane bushes, he might come from behind your tower while the minions are pushing it, or through the side-lane, or if he has a long jump ability, from wraiths or blue or golems, etc. The support is going to roam. Ashe will be ulting from lane to help out her ally. If it helps, imagine your entire team is on your level too, and you simply have to outplay their entire team by a large margin to make up for them.

I promise if you go into every game with that mindset, you will start winning games. I guarantee it. You won't win every game, but you will win more than you are now. You will be paying attention to what your opponents are doing andactively learning while playing. You will actually LEARN things, because you are being attentive. You'll learn, for instance, that ChampionSelect is dominated by Bronze and Silver mindsets, and that a large portion of the lane counters are incorrect when the champions are played correctly. For instance, you'll learn that Ahri actually counters the **** out of Fizz when played correctly (I'll let you figure out how). You'll learn why bruisers dominate most traditional mid lanes. You'll learn why those champs that give you a hard time, give you a hard time! Like the Darius vs Wukong example I showed above, most Wukongs don't bait the Darius mentality and simply try to trade like a Bronzie. You'll learn that almost every champion has several ways to engage in 1v1, 2v2, 1v2, 2v1, and teamfights. The more ways they have, the more versatile they are, and the higher skill cap they have. The higher the skill cap, and the more versatile, the more you'll notice they're used in high-level play. Why? Because even when you KNOW these champions backward and forward, you still can't accurately predict how they're going to engage on you. Lee Sin, for example, has his Q, which is a very aggressive-but-high-risk-high-reward engage. His W is much safer but not as strong to stick to them. His E is probably the best engage IF you can get close to them for it, and then his R is just so damn useful in so many situations. You ever wonder why Darius was used so much at the beginning and he's all but disappeared? He's not versatile at all. He has one basic engage. Pull, slow, auto, axe, ult. A variation on this is slow, pull, auto, axe, ult. He can also axe before this. That's it. No opportunities for growth, very low skill cap. He had his time when he was new and people were trying to figure him out, and now everyone's figured him out and he's become nearly useless. Zed? He'll be around for aLONG time because he's so versatile, and his skill cap is so high. He's even snowbally in competitive play, which is pretty rare. 

The point of this longer-than-I-intended section is that all those tools that people are so fond of using is a trap for the lazy-minded. Nothing can replace hard-work. On another note, probably the best tool you can use is streams from both high-level players and even bronze-level players (arguably more useful, because you are able to see a lot more mistakes that happen in your own games. High-level players can rely on each other more than Bronzies can, so some very effective strategies in high-level play will blow up in your face in low-level play, even if you execute them perfectly). The ones I've found most useful (for obvious reasons) is champion-specific streams of high-level players smurfing low-level play. After already maining Wukong I watched a stream of a girl who (during the time I watched her) reached Diamond on her main account, but smurfed Bronze on several low-level accounts (I'm assuming some were "donated" to her for her stream, she uses like 5). She also mained Wukong but took him mid and basically destroyed everyone. I did the same, taking my Lethadind account that I had given up on and simply used as practice for champions I'd never played before (ergo losing more and tanking to Bronze V 0 LP) to Bronze I in about a week and a half. I think the moment I hit Bronze 1, I was something like 35 wins, 5 losses. Seriously. It may have been even better. There was a significant skill increase in Bronze 1 (even she hit it streaming and started losing more) because (I think) of the clamp in division 1's, so I stayed there on both of my lvl 30 accounts until end of season (I was slowly increasing on one account but it was like 3 steps forward, 2 steps back). I sort of lost interest with only a few days left and started playing other games. The reason I share this is that it is the perfect example of basically everything the last half of this section (I'm considering breaking it up, sorry it's so long! Haha) talks about. Streams helped, I increased my skill instantly beyond where I was, shot up quickly, hit my cap, and now I have to practice more. What's crazy is the skill difference between Bronze V and Bronze 1 isn't *that* extreme, but it was just enough to change my consistently-20/4/15-kdr-games to variations of 6:1 and 2:1 or even sometimes 1:1 KDRs, depending on my lane opponent or opposing jungler, usually. I watched my replays and it was in how they responded to my ballsiness. Bronze V didn't know how to deal with a lvl 2 WQ AA engage from Wukong in mid lane. Bronze I didn't really know either, but the jungler was there more consistently (saw the mid lane needed help), and they actually traded instead of just running.

To recap: "Treat every game like you are going up against Platinum+ Smurfs." Remember it.

7. Tier List:

So, a lot of people talk about jungle, mid, adc, etc. tier lists. It's important to get a feel from players at a much higher level than us who is best at what role, and I completely agree with the concept. However, here is my own tier list for influences on the outcome of a game. I'll talk (briefly I swear) about a few of them.

So here's the List of items we'll be looking at, the tier list itself will follow below:
Item Builds
Champion Picks
Champion Bans
Map Awareness
Sub-Objectives (Dragon/Baron)
Main Objectives (Tower/Inhib/Nexus)
Laning Mechanics
Champion Mechanics/Mastery
Closing Mechanics (e.g. "how to end it&quotwink.gif
Mental Acuity (playing on tilt, zoning out, etc.)
Experience (EXP)
Experience (Game/Skill/Knowledge)
Roaming/Setting your team up

Tier 1: Mental Acuity, Map Awareness, CS, Experience (both kinds)
Tier 1.5: Main Objectives, Positioning, Lane Mechanics, Efficiency (constantly doing something productive)
Tier 2: Jungle, Mid, Champion Mechanics/Mastery, Closing Mechanics, Roaming
Tier 3: ADC, Support, Top, Masteries/Runes, Sub-Objectives
Tier 4: Item Builds, Champion Picks and Bans

Tier 1: So, I've been stressing all of these basically the entire guide, so no surprise here.

Tier 1.5: Obviously pushing main objectives wins the game. Along with the tier one qualities, positioning (and understanding of how to position) is a huge factor that determines so many things - if you live or die, how much damage you can put out, who you can cc (or HOW MANY you can cc), who you can peel for, you can peel for you, etc. - that I figured it was essential. Lane mechanics is in a similar boat, though I feel this is slightly less important than positioning, with strong lane mechanics and a solid tier 1 mindset, you can get fed and outplay your opponent on a number of levels, leading to snowballing, which is the number one factor of winning sprees. Note that "win lane win game" is 100% incorrect, but "destroy your lane and take a ****ing dump on his corpse 17 times...win game" is 95% true. The only way you can have a truly consistent impact on your games is by getting fed, and this starts in the laning phase. Efficiency I feel like is almost Tier 1, but made it down to tier 1.5 simply because you *can* afford to miss out on a few cs or ward coverage, etc. and still win the game with other solid mechanics, however it, like lane mechanics, contributes very strongly to winning a game. If you are more efficient in your lane than your opponent, then you will be stronger than them by means of xp and gold, as well as ward coverage and roaming, which leads to more games won.

Tier 2: Why did I put lanes in here? This is simply my opinion but from what I've seen a fed mid and jungle (particularly "tier 1" champions) can essentially solo carry a game much harder than a top, support, or adc. However you can easily carry from any lane with solid tier 1 and 1.5 mechanics, it just seems to be more efficient from mid and jungle. Champion mechanics is similar in this aspect in that you can actually carry higher than your normal skillset if you simply know a champion back and forth (because this leads to snowballing and/or muscle memory in making quick decisions at decisive moments, so while you may be making bronze 1 mistakes, you can carry with that specific champion to silver 3 or so simply because you overshadow the mistakes with pure awesome). I had Closing Mechanics in 1.5 at first and then moved it down, the reason is because with solid 1 and 1.5 mechanics, even with no real understanding on how to close a game, you will simply "stumble" on the nexus at some point and essentially win the game, however for those games where things are tight, when you know how and when to teamfight, and what objectives to push and when, you can get "turnaround" games and such quite often, when people don't capitalize off of small victories on the other team. Most challenger streams that I've watched mention that this is the #1 thing high platinum and low diamond players seem to struggle with. Roaming is fairly obvious, it snowballs your team, but also is never certain to produce positive results (and sometimes it's a disaster that's completely out of your control (e.g. jungler happens to be coming that way, etc.) )

Tier 3: We already talked about lane picks, again I don't think a specific lane is "essential" to winning a game consistently, which is why they start in tier 2, but it does help. And yes I do think that Support is on par with the other lanes, they are soooo important, even before the s4 changes. Okay, Masteries/Runes. I want to spend some time on this. Because it's not nearly as important as people seem to think it is. It's like people think "oh well if I copy Nightblue3's Kha'Zix and Elise masteries, I'm gonna just jump up to diamond instantly." Doesn't work like that folks. Masteries are like 1% of this game, if that. I promise you Nightblue could be running ap runes and masteries on Kha'Zix and still destroy you, I guarantee it. They help, but it's at the marginal level. It's that extra bit of damage or tankiness that gets you that kill or barely allows you to survive. It's not 0/17/5 to 17/0/5 status. It's like 3/5/3 to 5/3/3 status. Yeah I'm speaking in "KDA" because I know that's a language you little ****ers understand. Sub-Objectives, why so low? Well in the pro scene this is not the case, but in solo queue it is. Why? Because you aren't coordinated at all. Even if you're skype duo-queue, you aren't coordinated. They help a ton, but think back on how many "dragon kills" actually swung your games. It happens, I know, but it's rare. At least in lower divisions, this may move up to as high as tier 1.5 after platinum, but in bronze/silver and even gold, it's not that much of a "game changer." Usually the winning team grabs the dragons, and quite often the barons as well, as an extra "umph" to get them snowballing harder. Amirite?

Tier 4: Item Builds. Yep. I've got them in tier 4. Lower than masteries/runes? You betcha. Why? Because I'm sick of people saying how important they are. Obviously if you're building AP on Talon you're doing it wrong, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the difference between Youmuu's and Cleaver on Talon. Most people opt for cleaver, some grab Youmuu's, but it seems like when the Ghostblade people come out of the woodworks everyone freaks the **** out and starts moaning and sighing and whatever. Then that Talon goes on a legendary spree. If the team still loses you'll undoubtedly have some idiot complain (he'll be like 3/7/2 kda) about "ghostblade talon so noob." Item builds are really not that necessary guys, I promise. I've built Wukong so many different ways and he basically destroys with almost any tanky or AD focused item. Now I'd never build Rabadon's on him, obviously, but again that's not what I'm talking about. Another good example that is really close to home is IE vs BT on ADCs. Seriously? I mean, maybe IE is better for teamfights, and BT is better for lane sustain and dueling. I get it. But seriously if you have the tiers 1-2 down hardcore...I promise it does not matter whether you start BT or IE. I guarantee it so hard that you'll be like "wow he was so ****ing right. Like hardcore-****ing-correct status." I put it on Tier 4 to make a statement, because I'm sick of people thinking that builds and masteries make a player. They don't. I've even read a few guides where it's like "the biggest reason for the elo displacement is lack of build understanding" and anyone who thinks that is a ****ing moron. The biggest difference between 0 mmr bronze 5 and 800 mmr bronze 5 is builds. After that it's all mechanics. On that same note is Champion Picks and Bans. "OMFG NO KARMA IS NOOB ASS PICK!" Stuff like that. Yeah you're a moron. Bans are HELLA important in the pro scene, because you have very specific people who are VERY good with VERY specific champions. It changes an entire strategy around. How many of you actually figure out a strategy with your team in champ select on a consistent basis? None of you. You've had that one dream-queue where everyone got the lane they wanted and communicated great in queue I know, but that's like 1 in every 20 games. Picks and Bans honestly don't hold that much weight. They help, for sure (and I'm not talking about "picks" in the sense of "team synergy," if no one picks a tank or at least a few tanky champs, then yeah you're gonna lose 9 times out of 10, I'm talking about hate on specific champions. Check OPAF Kassadin's win rate right now, it's like 48%. He snowballs hard and scales incredibly well, but it doesn't mean he *will* snowball hard and scale, only that he *can* (again I understand the reasoning, I'm just pointing out that 52% of the time, Kassadin apparently fails to snowball and win) )

There you have it, my Tier list on the Mechanics of Winning Games. Good luck to you all, this is so much longer than I intended in the first place! Feel free to comment and provide your opinions, but keep it civil, no one likes a ****ing ******bag, which is what you'll end up looking like if you throw around random third-grade insults. Or try to incite pointless arguing and flame wars. That's like, super lame Bro. Don't be super lame, Bro. K? Thanks guys! Let me know what you think and upvote if you enjoyed the content.

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