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Is Master Yi A Good Jungler?

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    02 Sep, 2015
Master Yi is great for damage, but jungling isn't about damage; it's about giving the advantage to your allies. This is why most junglers have stuns. All Yi has is a dash, which is fine, so long as your team doesn't need more CC.

To jungle Yi effectively, 2-3 of your allies need to have some kind of hard CC. This means like a Renekton top or a Taric on bot. Without any stuns, Yi cannot effectively teamfight and can only attack stranded enemies.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]Yi's squishy-high damage kit is why you see so many just go for backdoor rather than participate in team fights. It still wins games, but should only be used if your team has room for it.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]For junglers, I like Vi and Malphite, although Mal has a slow-ish clear and requires blue consistently, so you need to make sure your mid doesn't need it (Kat and Kennen are great choices with Mal jungle)[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]As for AP mids, it depends on your playstyle. I love Morde, Akali and Ziggs, but they all play so differently and are effective in different situations, so without more to go on than "I love Master Yi", I can't give you any more advice than going AP Yi.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]It is worth noting that Master Yi is probably not a good pick in ranked, because he has no form of cc and he is a one-trick-pony, regardless of how you build him. Anyone with any notable rank will know when to stun him, when to ignite, and how to avoid alpha strike.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]As for ADCs, Draven is actually deceptively easy; you just need to practice catching axes to your muscle memory. But doing so is actually very fun; I'll do it in a custom game against Malphite Bot occasionally just for fun and practice. Otherwise, your ADC choice should be considered with what you're looking for (speed, harassment, dueling) as well as what your support brings to the table (Stuns, engagements, passive play).[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]For example, Vayne does well with Blitz (can tumble then stun with ease), but not so much Leona (can't position her stun). Vayne requires cool thinking under stress and trick plays, but rewards very well for it; as opposed to Ezreal, who is more about positioning than anything.[/size]
[background=#e9eaec]Master Yi is viable as long as you don't need any more crowd control. If you only have one stun in your entire team, don't use Yi. Yi can clear the jungle and gank quickly, meaning tons of gold, but you NEED to have stuns in your lanes. [/size]
[background=#e9eaec]LeBlanc counters harassers. She doesn't do well in full on duels, so avoid Talon, Fizz, Akali and Ryze.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]Veigar is the same way and can be used in almost all situations LB can be used in. Veigar has his stun, though, so pick him if you need a teamfight CC. Use LB if you need straight damage.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]Kha'Zix destroys anyone squishier than he is, which is why he usually goes mid. He's no good against traditional bruisers, though.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]Nidalee can't handle anyone faster than she is, especially if they have stuns. She can usually take out anyone that's not in this category, though.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]Ryze dominates most close ranged champs. His range is terrible, though, and you'll get harassed by long ranged AP.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]Katarina can destroy champions that don't have an easy stun. This includes Veigar, Brand and Morgana. She'll get rip to shreds against anyone with easy CC, like Kass or LeBlanc.[/size]

[background=#e9eaec]A big part of ranked is knowing proper matchups. If you can come up with a way to counter the enemy (or compensate for your team's weakness) you might become the deciding factor in your team's victory.[/size]

give me a like ,thaks

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