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New Jungler, Looking For Tips.

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    02 Sep, 2015

Hi lads,

New Jungler here, however not a new player. Although I have a fresh account, I am not new to the game. There has been changes since I left, but I am quickly learning. I am not by any means a great player, but a decent one I would hope. I have NEVER tried Jungling before. I have been watching hours of YouTube guides, plays, etc. I have looked up guides but I am still a little confused. I have chosen my Jungler (Kha'Zix), know my item build, stat distribution, masteries, runes, etc. However, what I am lacking is the actual Jungling aspect. I know why you Jungle, and that I should be focusing on ganking and helping out the team. However, when I'm not helping the team take down towers or ganking, do I constantly repeat the same rotation? That's fine if its the case, and I will learn as I play, but I'm looking for insight if I am constantly doing the same route. I would like to follow a route, as I start out and am new to Jungling. 

Here seems to be the only "route" I could find: http://www.wikihow.c...ague-of-Legends
If you find a better route, then please link me it smile.gif I am not trying to be linear in jungling, however this will help me get a feel for Jungling. T

Thanks in advance,

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