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Ultimate eWhoring Guide – Everything You Need To Know And Have

eWhoring guide

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    08 Jul, 2016
Welcome to the most extensive eWhoring guide found online. Set your expectations high, and prepare yourself to be blown away, because this guide will present you with everything you need to know and have in order to make money eWhoring.

Why was this guide written?

  • ____eWhoring is a business. It’s something to be researched in-depth. Not just a random “method”, as many people consider it. .A big number of those people fail to understand this, .and then wonder
    why they aren’t making any money. This guide is here to shatter that illusion, and present you eWhoring in its fullest. Why does it work? What’s the psychology behind it? Why do some people pay for it,
    when the internet is full of free porn? What are the deciding factors that determine whether someone will pay or not? Those are only a fraction of the questions that will be answered in this guide.

Who is this guide for?

  • ____This guide is for everyone who is interested in eWhoring. You can be a total beginner, who first heard about eWhoring a minute ago, or an experienced swindler – this guide benefits everyone. Want to
    get into eWhoring for the first time? Looking for traffic sources? Not sure how to get them to buy? Interested in learning some useful tricks to improve your success? This guide is for you.

How to use this guide?

  • ____Each chapter covers its own subject, for conveniences’ sake. .To get the most of the guide, it’s best to read it in it’s entirety. .You can easily come back to an individual chapter once you need some refreshment.
    Even if you have your traffic sources, it’s not a bad idea to check the Traffic chapter. You will most certainly learn another thing or two about the subject. Same goes for every other chapter, of course. Earlier chapters
    will be listing all things you NEED TO HAVE in order to eWhore, while the later ones will provide you with everything you MUST KNOW to achieve success.

    Without further ado, let’s begin.


    • [Post #2]Chapter One- Creating Your eWhoring Foundation

      To begin eWhoring you need to set up a few very important things. You need to come up with your eWhore identity and everything it includes.
      In the first chapter, you will learn:
      • What is an eWhore Identity
      • How to Carefully Craft A Perfect eWhore Identity
      • How to Use Parts of Your Identity To Increase Your Revenue


    • [Post #3]Chapter Two- Setting Up The Workspace

      Second chapter picks up where the first one left off. After carefully creating your eWhore identity, it’s time to prepare yourself for the whole process. That includes getting the content you will be
      selling, registering on the platforms where you will meet the clients and setting up your payment processors. Here’s precisely what the second chapter deals with:
      • Finding Pictures And Videos That Sell
      • Setting Up eWhoring Platforms You Will Use
      • Choosing The Right Payment Method


    • [Post #4]Chapter Three- Finding The Right Traffic

      The third chapter deals with everything related to traffic. The chapter starts off with busting a wide-spread myth about traffic. As soon as that gets cleared up, it’s time to talk traffic:
      • Finding the Right Traffic
      • Types of People You Meet eWhoring
      • Recognizing the Time Wasters


    • [Post #5]Chapter Four- Interacting With The Clients

      In this chapter, the real interaction with your clients begins. You will need to bring your A-game here in order to achieve decent results. This is the single most important thing you will learn from
      this guide, so make sure to read this. The chapter deals with:
      • Getting the Necessary Information From The Clients (And Using It To Close The Sale)
      • Answering The Big Question – Why Would They Pay?
      • Starting Conversations the Right Way
      • Steering the Conversation Towards The Sale
      • Closing the Sale


    • [Post #6] Chapter Five- Getting Them To Buy Again (+ Bonuses)

      The last chapter deals with keeping the buyer hooked to you, and having him buy again and again. There are also some useful bonuses at the end, so make sure you get to it.

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