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[THEME] Alpha version: The Wingless Themesuit

Alpha version Wingless Themesuit

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    08 Jul, 2016

It's finally here !
Presenting, the Wingless Themesuit

This is pre-pre-release alpha version so don't expect perfection. Didn't think I could ever complete this but here it is!



How to use this theme?
  • Copy all from http://codepad.org/wGFDY5B3 and paste it in a new class.
  • Go to solution explorer, it shows all forms. Make sure you have 'Show all Files' checked, then open your main form's designer.vb .
  • Change Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form to Inherits customwindow and build.
This is important as most of the controls use intensive animations which are handled by a global timer. This timer needs to start at program launch so I added that code in the CustomWindow class. So, to have animations and a good looking form inherit it. [u can do this to every form too]

  • Button
    • Material
    • Original
    • Soft
    • Rounded
  • Controlbox
  • Checkbox
  • Radiobutton
  • Spinner
  • Circular Progress
  • Linear Progress
  • Toggle
  • Trackbar
  • Textbox
Now, let's see the details...



  • Borderless Resize/Move
  • Custom Form Shadow
  • Full support for Aero Snap/Dock
  • Statusbar
  • Loading and closing transition


The forecolor prop is currently used for the statusbar color.

Custom Control Box


Still in dev stage. Till now only supports max,min,close. Looks weird on dark backs because of the bevels. I think I'll take care of this in the next release and probably also add some animations. Note that you DO NOT need to add this to a form which already has customwindow.

Custom Button

[font=Tahoma]Showing, Original, Soft and Rounded button variants on light and dark backgrounds.

The Original and Rounded variants are 100% customizable. Just change the backcolor- it takes care of others itself!
The soft variant is a type of extra control, just for fun.
The Custom_Button class has no animations and is meant to be lightweight and easy to use.

Custom Material Button


Now this is completely based on animations and looks fabulous both on light and dark backgrounds.
There is an extra prop called FloodColor which changes the color of the flood animation in addition to back/fore color.

Custom Textbox


Use like a normal textbox.

Custom Trackbar


Note that this is more precise than any other trackbars I've seen.

Custom Linear Progress


Forecolor is progress color
Oddly, the gif above has some glitches (none in real!)

Custom Radial Progress

See it above...
Forecolor is progress color

Custom Radial Marquee


continued to next post...............


Custom Radio


The fun thing is that the radio 'button' moves from one control to the next based on the actual positioning of the controls.

Custom Toggle


Clicking on the toggle is the same as clicking on it's container. You can also drag the button back and forth.

Custom Checkbox


The tick mark takes the color of the controls background, thus looks good in all situations.

  • Generally, all non-text controls have their forecolor as their main highlight color
  • You need to build the project in order to display the changed backcolor of the rounded variant of the custom button
  • There is a customization property in almost all controls which can be used to quickly change the values of some common properties of multiple controls using a single string.
  • I have ditched colorhook completely - too tedious.
  • The themebase has been stripped - a lot. New code has been added. Expect a new themebase release in some time.
  • This one completely supports my Interpolation class.
  • The link given above is a single-file link. However, if you want to keep updated about changes, there's a github link too: https://github.com/t...ndey13/Wingless
What to expect next ?
  • Control: Tabs :thumbsup:
  • Control: Numeric Up/Down
  • Control: Seperator
  • Notifications :pirate::yeye::hehe:
  • Custom msgbox()
  • A complete control-box
  • Even more animations!
  • Optimized methods
  • Extension of the 'customization' property
  • Some minor control edits
  • something secret....


lipinho, codeproject
Other people that I have mentioned in my other threads

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    16 Oct, 2015

i'm having some trouble with the first link did you change anything in there cause there are many missing definitions

thx for resolving the issues

also how too use the ressources in the git repo do we just copy the custom folder & themebase ?

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