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[6.9+] Cassiopeia

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    08 Nov, 2015

I'm not allowed to post images )



Imagem 2 :



Combo - E only on Poison, W only on Q CD and no poison, humanized/randomized E delay, R Hit slider, Flash R, Disable AA on Heroes Option
Harass - Same stuff as combo, mana sliders, auto harass with settings for tower/bush
LaneClear - E only on Poison, min targets for Q/W, mana slider, option to ignore poison on E lasthit when mana below x %
JungleClear - E only on Poison, Mana slider
Lasthit - Use E on minions which arent able to be lasthitted by AA
Block R casts if they miss/don't face
Assisted R
Killsteal with E
​Flash R looks like this:


Huge thanks to Definitely not Kappa for helping me with tons of stuff and answering questions.
Laneclear logic blatantly stolen from: https://github.com/m...isc/Misc.cs#L23


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