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"We cannot help you on this issue...contact the police"

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    09 Aug, 2015

I'm an experienced refunder. Done easily over 100 in my time.I ordered a PS4 on my mates account (I've refunded shit on it before mind you)


And after receiving it and going for a replacement, they added the replacement to my account and I thought everything had gone fine. Then they cancelled it, and told me it should have gone through an investigation and that I should return in 48 hours to see the results of the investigation. 


I then got this email.. - http://prntscr.com/azwu21


and after going to chat to try and speak to a supervisor this happened - http://prnt.sc/azwxlw


Anyone know what action I can take?

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    26 Apr, 2015

Who shipped it ? I believe you can solve this issue by calling them. They will ask you some information and tell you that they need to confirm with the carrier and so they will try to create a group call. Tell them that your phone doesn't support group call and that you would rather call the carrier yourself. They will tell you to note the case number, etc and to call them back when you have them. Hang up  the phone. Sit tight for 35 minutes and then call Amazon back. Tell the new representative that you discussed about the matter with the carrier and that you were told you'd be issued a refund. Tell them that the previous representative was going to accord you a refund/replacement but that it was a formality for you to call the carrier. If they tell you they need the case number, tell them that the carrier said he'd fax the information about the order. If that doesn't solve the issue, you'll need to find a better excuse than "I did not receive my package". 

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  • Sweden's Apprentice

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    12 Mar, 2015

Experienced refunder <-> investigation  Kappa

There will be no police investigation but your account might get closed because they started an investigation.

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