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Work experience at Toyota. Asked to try breach the Network, suggestions?

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    25 Sep, 2015

I am doing work experience at a Toyota retailer with the head of IT there and he has asked me if I would be able to try find any vulnerabilities on the network? 

Honestly I am pretty novice at this and all I can think of is throwing a "Hail Mary" at the network through Armitage on Kali or using ettercap to replace all images on the network to a picture of me or whatever but other than armitage that really isn't a vulnerability.


I have full leeway to try whatever I please and if I break something he is more than happy to fix it.


He is giving me access to a guest network, and to use this you go up to the front desk and ask for a user account, it is only valid for 3 hours. 

He wants me to try access the main network from the guest network, they are both connected to the same hub but guests can't see any stuff folders or whatever because of Active Directory.


How would I go about doing this? I know it's hard to give suggestions without seeing the place for yourself. I am unable to upload Screen Caps obviously for security reasons. 


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    02 May, 2016



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