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Yo - loving the site so far

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    03 May, 2016

First, gotta say I feel hella weird making an introductory post, but why not, that is why this is here.


I just recently found Nulled by accident when looking for another copy of an IM4 crack to compare against the original I found. So far I like the place. It's better organized than a lot of other sites I've seen. I'll probably be sticking around for a while, likely mostly lurking at first (hopefully not leeching - I should be set), but if there's an interesting topic that comes up or I find a new leak or something, I'll chime in. 


You can find me all over the web under the same username. I'd say Twitter or IRC is best if anyone wanted to get ahold of me. I'm on a bunch of servers, but always on Freenode. I like to hack pretty much everything (don't worry I have no intention on harming members here). I'm big into iOS jailbreaking, 3DS homebrew, and though there's no 'hacks' involved, Raspberry Pis. Mostly I just like to hack stuff to make the most of my devices. 


I'm an amateur web designer and app/tweak developer, and have survived this long mostly on bitcoin luck. 



Anyway.. Hi. :) I'm here. 



Edit: I still can't reply to some threads, including my own apparently. So I'm editing again.

I'm assuming that's a new-user issue? No big deal, just curious. 


Also, I can't change my avatar. It was too large at first, but now I simply get "Failed to set a new photo" -- I've tried on Safari and Chrome thinking it was a browser issue, but no go.

Any help there? 

Edited by cybr1d, 04 May 2016 - 01:04 AM.

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Student of life. 

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