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Game Server

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    27 Apr, 2016

I have a Rust server im looking for more players to join my server

New 24/7 Rust Experimental Server
No lag, Daily admins
Updated to dev 107
Current mods/ plugins
  • Friends list
  • Skill levels
  • Airdrop
  • Anti cheat, Anti speed hack, Anti wall hack
  • Clans
  • Death note
  • Enhanced ban system
  • Help text
  • Kits
  • Location
  • Teleportation 150tp 50 to home 3s ethome
  • Sethome
  • Remove
  • ping
  • Player list
  • Gui compass
  • Info panel
  • Private messaging
  • New night vote system
  • Auto Door closing after 30 seconds
  • Crafting x 1/2
  • Supply signal notification
  • Anti raid towers
  • Better loot drops
  • Chat cleaner
  • Chat mute
  • Crosshair hit marks
  • Better Quarry drop rate
  • Heli
  • Better weather handler
  • New Xmas kit
  • Better stack size of 15000
  • map
  • /kit starter (help you get started)
  • /tpr playername (teleport to friends - Limit of 50 times per day )
  • /home name (teleport home - Limit of 45 times per day)
  • /tpa (accept teleport request)
  • /location (Get your coordinates)
  • /remove (remove your own stuff)
  • /clans (add your friends to a clan to team up)
  • /friend add playername (add friends)
  • /ping (check your ping , players with 2000ping will be kicked)
  • /map
We have a Team speak 3 Server
For the new server Devblog 107 please join this ip

Please use my client to join

Join our facebook group

please goto my facebook group for client or CLick Me

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