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    17 Mar, 2015

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Sorry for no contributing for some time ;) 


Edit: 8.9.3 fixes some bugs 


  • Added stress buffer zone so it doesn't fluctuate wildly at 0% 
  • Lowered stress effects of many tasks at once 
  • Laziness now affects bug count 
  • Leaders will visit employees at desks to improve social need for them both when they are low 
  • Stocks should not be purchasable with loaned money 
  • Employees now make noise when socializing around watercooler 
  • Reduced bandwidth number in design document as it was misleading in most cases


  • Fixed hired maintenance spawning instantly 
  • Fixed some navmesh errors 
  • Fixed unreachable furniture message jumping to staff instead of furniture 
  • Fixed exceptions in other threads not getting logged
Community Announcements - Coredumping
All mods with personalities will break in this update. Aptitude, leadership and diligence tags need to be replaced, more details here: 

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I suggest either waiting until these changes are released publicly or having all 6 tags defined for compatibility with both alpha 8.8 and alpha 8.9. 

I'll make a thread for feedback, as the new employee needs, need to be balanced. 

Note that this version might not be released publicly and the changes will instead be released as part of Alpha 8.10. 

  • Cubicle walls with noise reduction calculation 
  • Upped noisiness of furniture and severity of noise pollution 
  • Employee social needs 
  • Employee stress 
  • Leadership is now "Independent - Social", independent employees has a lower need for socializing, but social employees are good leaders 
  • Diligence is now "Lazy - Stressed", lazy employees try to skip work but stressed employees get easily stressed 
  • Aptitude is now "Hard worker - easy learner", hard workers work up to 110% faster, but easy leaners learn new skills quicklier 
  • Added new visualization for personality traits 
  • Employee energy, hunger, bladder, social and stress shown when selected 
  • Added watercooler for socializing(No animations yet) 
  • Replace default name generators in mods by writing [REPLACE] in the name generator file

  • Fixed mods without personalities not being uploaded to the Steam Workshop 
  • Fix team selection for deals
Community Announcements - Coredumping

  • Improved room cloning collision checking and visual representation 
  • Added some information to blueprint window 
  • Added 64-bit version for Windows 
  • Added stairs 
  • Added ability to create tutorial translations 
  • Added cloning with basement 
  • Add "Thumbnail.png" to root mod folder for Steam Workshop thumbnails

  • Wall segments not offset correctly in blueprint thumbnail 
  • Fixed IT getting stuck repairing something if nothing else needs repairing 
  • Fixed hired staff first day arrival time 
  • Fixed subtracting full price when cloning rooms or placing blueprints, even if something was not built 
  • Handle when a room is created, which has zero size, causing an avalanche of bugs, such as cleaners not cleaning. Still need to figure out how these rooms appear in the first place 
  • Windows and doors sometimes not getting copied when cloning or creating blueprints of partial buildings

  • Batch building meshes by caching materials 
  • Batch car meshes by caching materials and lowering color variation


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