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Dark Souls III V1.03 Trainer.

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    03 Apr, 2016


  • Inf.Health
  • Inf.Stamina
  • Inf.FP
  • Inf.Durability
  • Inf.Items
  • Inf.Weight
  • Set VGR
  • Set ATN
  • Set END
  • Set VIT
  • Set STR
  • Set DEX
  • Set INT
  • Set FTH
  • Set Luck
  • Set Souls


  • You should backup your saves and use at your own risk!.
  • You should never use it online
  • You should go to game settings and set game to run in offline mode
  • You should activate trainer once you enter game world
  • For Items cheat to work you should have more than 1 unit of the used item
  • First activate trainer then activate disable anticheats then activate whatever cheats you want
  • Click on Game Editor button on trainer to show the Set * cheats
  • If a certain cheat activate start working then stops working like health or stamina or whatever else , You should deactivate all cheats then deactivate Disable anticheats then activate all again , You can keep trainer activated on though .


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    22 Apr, 2015

Thanks for the post, Ill test and see if it works.  Kappa

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