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eSports Tournament Platform/ Paid instanly.

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    03 Nov, 2015

Hello members since i got a really bad respond on my previous post about WHAFF rewards and how to earn money then i got invite from

eSports about joining their website about tournaments.


I'm not saying that you just register and got an amount of money. The thing about this website is that you can challenge other players on 1v1 for free or even for a bet.


How this website work?

-By entering the website you have a choice to enter contest which are active games and things to do. Playing 10 games with your registered user you are jointed to daily reward which is 10$ on PaySafe.



What is contest?

-Its place where you can play with other players who want to play 1v1. There is option to play totally free or set the bet like entering to room 1$ and winner get 1,75$ and stuff like that. Also eSports organize tournaments which are paid and can be created for 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 its up to you.


How to we know that is safe?

This is eSports platform so there is no more things to said about this. If you don't know who're they you should find them on youtube and their channel always have live diretions from Challanger Series, Championships and other stuff.


How do we got paid?

There is 2 options to recrive money over paypal or transfer it to bank account the thing is you don't have to wait like few days/hours to get paid. Their system is working to send payments instanlly and thats why they are unique.


The best thing i can said to you is go to website, register and test it by your self. Its supported for all regions and there is a lot of friendly players who wants to play. Before give me negative as you always do go to website and check it. 


Registration link? http://pwnwin.com/?referrer=kFrame


This is a referrer link which is not giving me something additional its just helps me leveling my account which everyone can do it.

Add me their as friend so we can play together.


Pwnwin profile name: kFrame

Cya around guys i never wanted something bad for members on this forum.

Edited by kFrame, 16 April 2016 - 09:40 PM.

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