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How to use EloBuddy and solve your problems

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    14 Apr, 2016


Hello everybody

On this topic, I'm going to explain in depth what is EloBuddy, how to use it, answer your questions and try to solve your problems.
Are you ready ? Let's go !




EloBuddy is a software that can use addons to the League of Legends game.
Thanks to the loader, addons written in C# are injected into the game.
Those addons have many usages. For instance, they allow us to know which spells players got (and their cooldown as well).

There are addons that dodge every enemy skillshots, that display when someone is backing (even in the fog of war) and even addons that show every ward dropped on the map !
You can even change the InGame visual (You're dreaming about a particular skin, but you can't afford it ? green-dollar-icon.png No problem ! green-dollar-icon.png)

Finally, there are "Champions Addons". Those allow you to have the best mechanics with any champion whatever your skills are !
With those, you have to simply press a single key to perfectly last hit minions, harass your opponent, burst the enemy team, ...
In short, undeniable advantages that'll make you excessively stronger !


But, first of all EloBuddy is an active international community !
Everything is possible thanks to our great administrators Hellsing and finndev. !


Thanks everyone for following this guide !

Credits: GinjiBan and me (nibunu)




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