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How to boost FPS in CS:GO

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    14 Apr, 2016
Yo guys! Today I'm going to show you how to extremely boost your Counter Strike:Global Offensive!
Enter launch options at Steam > Library > Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (right-click) > Properties > Set Launch Options 
Not all commands working anymore, just wanted to list all of them 
-nod3d9ex > Disables D3D9ex. D3D9ex is a D3D9 improvement which will allow you to alt-tab faster for example. D3D9ex does not affect your FPS in any way unless you're using old and old GPU which can't handle it correctly. 
-nojoy > disable Joystick support 
cl_forcepreload 1 > It may cause a few seconds more loading the map at the benefit of a more consistent FPS (because the whole map is preloaded) for the config.cfg not launch settings 
-tickrate 128 > increase the tickrate for offline server.
-freq 75 > 75 = 75 herz Monitor 
-heapsize 4194304 > for 8GB DDR3 Ram. CSGO will use all 8 GB instead of 2GB 
-Heapsize 1048576 (PC's with 2GB of system RAM) 
-Heapsize 1572864 (PC's with 3GB of system RAM) 
-Heapsize 2097152 (PCs with 4GB system RAM) 
-Heapsize 3145728 (PC's with 6GB of system RAM) 
-Heapsize 4194304 (PC's with 8GB of system RAM) 
-Heapsize 6291456 (PC's with 12GB of system RAM) 
-Heapsize 8388608 (PC's with 16GB of system RAM) 
-Heapsize 12582912 (PC's with 24GB of system RAM) 
-Heapsize 16777216 (PC's with 32GB of system RAM) 
-language english / polish / german and more > change ingame language 
-threads 4 > For CPU. 4 mens that csgo will use 4 Cores. 8 means 8 cores.. 
-high > set your cpu priority to high 
-insecure > you can play on NOT VAC secured Servers
-noforcemaccel > reverts to desktop mouse acceleration settings (more) 
-noforcemparms > reverts to desktop mouse button settings (more) 
-noforcemspd > uses desktop mouse speed settings (more) 
-w 640 -h 480 > forces the resolution to 640x480 
-w 800 -h 600 > forces the resolution to 800x600 
-w 1024 -h 768 > forces the resolution to 1024x768 
-full > forces fullscreen mode 
-windowed > forces window mode 
-freq x > forces the monitor to use x hertz 
-16bpp > forces the colors to 16bit EXPERIMENTAL! 
-32bpp > forces the colors to 32bit EXPERIMENTAL! 
-heapsize x > specify the number (x) of memory to use 
-zone x > allocates x amount of KiloBytes of memory for use with the console system 
-noip > disables the use of UDP, which is part of the TCP/IP protocol 
-noipx > disables the use of the IPX/SPX protocol 
-nojoy > disables joystick support (shaves a little bit off the memory footprint) 
-wavonly > disables the use of direct sound (only use if you are having sound problems) 
-noaafonts > disables Anti-Aliasing of screen fonts 
-autoconfig > restores video and performance settings to default 
-condebug > logs all console output into the console.log text file 
-novid > disables intro video 
I hope you like it! Pls vote this post!

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