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You have an unlimited amount of computing power. How do you make money?

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    13 Mar, 2016
Infinite amount of RAM and CPU, how can you make money? No mining allowed.
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    14 Apr, 2016

I assume you mean 'How can you make money using the infinite amount of RAM and CPU', honestly though RAM and CPU is fine but even though I'm nowhere near expert level of computers I have to say just RAM and CPU won't really help even if it's infinite since wouldn't you still need decent...well...everything else?  Graphics Card, some kind of coolant system(I guess), sound card.  I don't really know and I won't pretend to so for the sake of argument.


Processing...I guess, I suppose you could be a middle man for people who need to render and or compile projects that require large amounts of RAM and CPU and since it's infinite I imagine it'd be a cakewalk to setup some kind of scheduling system and just render and/or compile projects and things together and send them back off to people completed.  Obviously for a price, it would require only the effort of keeping track of orders.


Even though I just came up with that off the top of my head it sounds like a huge pain to deal with but hey it's something.

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