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Some Questions About Dorks/Sqli

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    12 Apr, 2016

So I'll try to make my questions as clear cut as possible:

1. What do people mean when they say there are "no league of legends related dorks"

2. If I'm trying to crack LOL accounts can I just use public gaming dorks that are for other things and still expect to get decent results?

3. If I bought some private dorks, would there be a large difference in the amount of hits that I would get (would it be worth it)?


Not related to dorks but imma ask about this here too:

1. When in sqli and you've found exploitable sites, if you're trying to get NA combos should you only dump the sites that are based in NA?

2. In terms of time-cost efficiency, do you guys think using sqli is better vs scraping? (haven't rly had much success with scraping even after making up what I think is a pretty good password list :P)


Thanks in advance for any help guys!

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    25 Apr, 2015

1. Dorks are associated with the games, not the League of Legends.

2. Im using Gaming dorks and getting tons of combos to crack, usually very good hits when cracking League of Legends.

Private dorks = chance to get very good databases.

Public dorks = usually shitty databases.

3. Yes, buying dorks / dorks generators are more worth than working on public dorks.

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