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possibility of a black list, or softban?

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    16 Dec, 2015

Basically I used to play dark souls II a lot, and when someone used cheat engine to spawn stuff in, in that game, it would mark them as cheater, and only match them up against other cheaters. I feel like this is what has happened to me in league of legends. Some of the characteristics of this is, very limited online play. My ques take up to 20 minutes, and I always see other scripters. It has come to the point where If I do not script ryze, i can't even win a game, because everyone else is so extremely competitive and have perfect mechanics. Also, I got this account at level 10, and i was scripting on it in blind pick to now, i am now level 16. Maybe league finally fixed the match making system where it actually pairs you up with people whom are just as good as you? however if that is not the case, i have been softbanned and am required to sit in que for 20 minutes just to play vs other cheaters at level 16. 

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    19 Mar, 2016

If riot finds out you're cheating, you'll get permabanned like everyone else

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