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ClashFarmer Beta Version 1.8.10 (RC10)

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    14 Dec, 2015

hi guys,

i`ve tested this program for about 2 weeks and i think it worth to give it a try...of course donations are not by keywords and still there are some limitation in it, but it`s really fast and accurate in attacking.

here is the last changes in the current version:


Current 1.8.10 release notes:


  • CF no longer requires the user to locate the clan castle, it is requesting via the Army Overview instead.
  • Wall upgrade is now working!

    - Which wall level to upgrade
    - Which resource to use (can use both)
    - Minimum Resources to keep.
    (configurable in the village tab)
  • CF will now play a sound when a base is found, this can be configured in the search tab.
  • CF will now auto-collect loot carts (configurable in the village tab)
  • The bot can now be started in search only mode (only find a suitable target and quit).
  • The bot can now be configured to not attack/search, just maintain the village. (can be set via the search tab).

Bug fixes:

  • The barracks scan bug is now solved.
  • If CF fails to restart 15 times, it restarts the CoC app.
  • If CF fails to restart 30 times, it restarts Bluestacks entirely.
  • Fixed the bug that the bot suddenly stop working and is causing the "disconnected due to inactivity" message. (added a watchdog)
  • Fixed the deadlock with soldiers that can't be trained because not enough camp space.
  • Critical bug fix where the bot restarts all the time.
  • Fixed the bug where the bot does not upgrade correctly walls bellow level 8.
  • The bot will now tell the user if here are not enough builders to build the wall.
  • The bot can now be configured to not start the search if the village does not have enough gold (configure the amount in the search tab).
  • Another bug in the drop trophy should have been fixed.
  • Bug fix in the request troops button (request troops not possible when it was...)
  • Minimum gold before search is now enforced better.


this is adownload link:

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 i hope you like it :D

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