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    04 Nov, 2015

Hey today i'm going to show you guys well explain how to hack a instagram

Requirements!!!!: Must have Picsart or some type of photoshop app :)
Make a fake email with the persons first name you wanna hack so it doesn't look suspicious for example if the persons ig is @johnFleoo
[email protected]

ATTENTION!!! If you have their email this will make the hacking process easier

just something similar to their name or IG Name

1st: Obviously get the persons IG name you wanna hack

2nd: Download or Screenshot a pic of the person that looks like their holding something or a piece of paper! makes it easy!




How do i do that?

Open The instagram app log out if you haven't already

Hit Forgot your login details
Then Hit with username or email
Then hit Don't have access to any of these

now it should take you the report page! :)

next thing!

Scroll down to where it says 
Contact Us

Now it should say Instagram Login Issues with bubbles to fill it in

Hit My account!
Hit No where it says can you login with emails listed
where it says email address where we can reach you PUT THE FAKE EMAIL YOU MADE OF THE PERSON!
then put their IG username

Remember when i said if you have their email? it will make this easy?
well where it says the email you used to sign up with put their their email!

on the bottom it should say why can't you login into your IG account
Hit : I forgot which email is on my account!
it should ask what kind of account is this 
this account has pictures of me

then it should ask if you created this account hit yes

where it says have you ever shared your password with anyone say NO

where it says provide additional information!

say something similar to 

i forgot my email on the account and i wanna switch emails on it please!

now instagram should send you a code to the fake email you put

now time for photoshop!!!!!!!!!

the code they send you 

write it down 
with their 
first and last name!
and photoshop it like the person is holding the paper 
and save the image and send it off to instagram to the email they sent you 

but say
"please help me change my email!"
or something similar to that
and wait 1 day or 2 
and BOOM!
instagram will send you a reset link to their account! click it and your in!

;) welcome guys i learned this from my friends on kik :* 
i have done this on

but i yes i gave their accounts back of course since i'm not that mean :(


Yes i made this tutorial i learned from my friends on kik thanks to my babies :* Jair & Jae

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