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Simple trick for stable botting

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    06 Feb, 2016

I see many people having crashing botting progarmms, crashing LoL.exe etc. I got the same problem and I still couldnt fix exerything.

So I just "programmed" a little batch file, which restarts my Bot AND my LoL once every 2 hours/30 minutes/5 hours/whatever.

It´s not perfect, you can still get leaverbuster, but bot and lol will run as long as you pc doesnt crash :D

Botting may take a little longer, but with continous restarts leaverbuster is pretty rare. For my first 5 accounts I needed about 2 weeks.


Just create a .txt file with the following content:


timeout /t 3600
TASKKILL /F /IM "VoliBot.exe"
TASKKILL /F /IM "League of Legends.exe"
timeout /t 3
start "VoliBot" "C:\Users\*****\Desktop\VoliBot.exe"
goto start
REM pause


then name it "VoliBotRestart1hour.bat" or whatever, just the suffix .bat is important. If you have Kaspersky/any virus programm, make sure it doesnt stop the file :) If you dont close it, it´s a non-stopping loop, so be carefull.


Just fill in the VoliBot/Bananabot/... path and the name of the process, run your script and your bot and finally the batch file. Now your copmplete system resets once every hour, so you dont have to watch for it crashing. You can also change the timeout value to 30 minutes (1800), 2 hours (7200) or whatever time you like.  :)


I hope I could help you guys with the same problems, its not a genius solution but it helped me :D Pls let me know if it was helpfull for you ^^

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