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[Cracked/Modded Apk] Elves Frontier, No cracked/modded apks yet

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    06 Apr, 2016

I'd like to request a modification for this game because none else did it before but the game is currently populated and soon it will be really famous. I think if someone will do it he will be pretty famous.

What I'd like to have:

  • Infinite Health
  • One shot kill (Against AI)


What could make me really happy


  • Infinite Energy
  • Vip Access for Non-Vips


What will make me really surprised that someone could possible do that


  • Infinite Premium Points
  • Infinite Coins
  • One Shot Kill (Versus Players; It looks really simple since every battle between your team and another player's team is not in real time but it looks like the other team is AI As well)
  • Infinite Health (Versus Players; Same as above)


I'd love to have it and I can wait or take other answers like "Why don't you use X app/program to do the same job as a cracked apk?"

Thank you in advance.

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