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Town Hall 11 settings, CoC

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    22 Mar, 2016
Hello, everyone. I've not had a lot of success gathering resources at TH11. Once you make the upgrade you almost entirely get active TH11s and TH10s in matchmaking. The few dead bases you'll find have significantly less resources available to steal than they would if you were a th9, th10 even.

The only progress I've made is by attacking with all goblins, 50% troop capacity, trophy range of 1000-800, and attacking dead bases/slightly dead that meet these criteria- G:10,000 E: 30,000 DE:0

I know this seems limited, but searching for barchable bases without a trophy limit and a higher standard for resources was only successful in spending all of my gold, clicking "next."

In a typical day with my settings I'm getting around 2 million gold, 4 million elixir... which is better than nothing, but hardly good enough. The Dark elixir is a real problem, too. I'm making about 10k a day, and 7,200 of that comes from my collectors.

Does anyone have more successful settings?

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