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legendery client

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 Hello everyone. Decided to make a new thread instead of continuing with the old as for one, that wasn't me (I made that thread on another forum) and for two the binaries don't work nor is the OP updating them anymore so people were downloading non working / old binaries


 So, what is it? It is a replacement for the league of legends client. The official is very inefficient and has bugs that have lasted for a very long time, so we are rewriting it. The client allows for customization, recording of replays and is open-source! Yes, the entire client is online to view, download, edit, whatever you wish! Add new things you wish could be in the original if you would like! Feel free to fork and pull requests as well if you would like to get it to a better state.


 So without further ado:


 The current binary which I will update is here: 

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 Github Page: 

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 A video of the client will be added soon.


 A lot of time and effort has been put into this. Understand this - THERE WILL BE BUGS - . This is a WIP, this is not completed. Test at your own expense.


 Massive thanks to Snowl for writing the original as well as LES, and eddy for updating it an almost working state (he has put a lot of effort into it, appreciate it lol). I am a collaborator which you can find on the github as well as we have a new collaborator named 

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however I do not know if he is on this forum or not, if so feel free to post tongue.png


Known Issues / TODO
  • Team Builder is not implemented / superbuggy
  • Logging out doesn't update friends list / crashes. (just restart the client)
  • If you login, all LC users will be unable to see your name (lol client is fine) also you won't be added to friends list if you login and one of your friends use lc (will fix this)
  • Replays are in work
  • Shop is just bad, but that's like last. (again, use official client for now if you need to purchase RP, etc.)
  • Getting invited to a game makes your status flick. (Not an issue but need to edit jabber-net)
  • Finish Factions
  • Can't join custom game if invited

How to compile it yourself:

  • If you don't have it, download visual studio
  • google rtmp-sharp, it should be on astral foxies repo
  • compile it
  • fork our LegendaryClient repo
  • reference rtmp-sharp in the legendaryclient project
  • hit the Start button at the top of visual studios
  • Feel free to merge whenever a new version comes out!

not mine jus reposting 

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