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Giveaway + donation for good cause

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    11 Aug, 2015

First of all for this Giveaway you will have to pay 3 British pound (amazon.co.uk)

That is for entering this Giveaway.


I'm known for making cool giveaways!

but this time it won't be same.


You can win! (All accounts secured! well!)

1# winner Gets a best Origin account! BF4 Premium BF3 Premium BF hardline Premium Battlefront Premium! + more games!

2# Battlefront Standard /BF4 Premium

3# Battlefront Standard /BF4 Premium

4# Battlefront Standard /BF4 Premium

5# Battlefront Standard /BF4 Premium

6# BF4 Premium

7# BF4 Premium

8# BF4 Premium

9# Standard BF4

10# Standard BF4



Why do you have to pay for entering this giveaway? (only 3 British Pounds)


Bosnia is poor country there is a kid, close to me, not really close but.. yeah
He is extremely poor, dad died of cancer now he lives with mom.. house is in bad condition.. Really bad stuff..
I have donated some of my stuff to him, when i was jung xD i don't need it anymore..
I want to build him a gaming PC..
I have already purchased for him Monitor, keyboard, Mouse etc.. and few game codes, and i will also donate some of my money for internet (It's cheap in bosnia)
i can make sure that he has internet for 1 year!.
- We need at least 50 people to enter this Giveaway. to make this worth it.

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