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hey is it possible to use same hwid at the same time ?

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    08 Oct, 2015

I bought a vip cheat from a site because nobody doesnt making any free ones lol.But my friend also wanted to use it but it says your hwid has to reset.So can he use my hwid too at the same time so we can have fun together xd (PS: I FOUND A HWID CHANGER AT THIS FORUM BUT I COULDNT KNOW WHATS MY HWID IS emo5.png)

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  • Korra - The Legend of Korra

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    27 Nov, 2015

HWID is considered as unique, so if somebody else use it at same time, then, maybe it'll work if their system didn't track other informations related like your last location, if there is two same HWID connected at same time. Majority of auth server just check your HWID at the start and didn't do more, I never heard about auth system which follows how many machines is connected at same time, etc. Even BoL didn't care about how many users with same name is connected to their server at same time...

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