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[EUNE] Level 30 account, 22 champs, 5 skins

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    09 May, 2015

So, anyone looking for a lvl 30 account but too lazy to level one up? Kappa

I offer you a smurf account it's clean(no bots or scripts used while leveling it up). Silver III, with 8-3 as w/l games, S5 was Silver V, you get 28lp/game if you win it

Skins: Masquarade Evelynn, White Mage Veigar, Firefighter Tristana(legacy), Dreadknight Garen(havent redeemed him yet), RIot Girl Tristana(havent redeemed her yet)

Runes: Need some working, It has 1350ip you can buy some better tier glyphs and seals, my runes are pretty rekt in the armor and mr part since I am using Tier 1/2 runes.

Icons: Silver S5, Honor icon(for sportsmanlike behavior), Shurima icons, some random icons, Icon from the Shurima game(highiest one), Shurima game normal icon, All-Stars icon, Marksman icon


Price: 20$ in RP or offers. I could say it's pretty cheap, considering that you have more than 16 champs to start playing, ALREADY silver III and has a Gold V MMR(with 28lp/win you will climb in no time), also it's not a cracked account, but original one, so you get original e-mail and can change it to yours.


For other info about what champs it has, skins, runes, icons, etc, send me a PM that you are interested. It's 00:00 here, so I will reply tommorow probably, that's why I am lazy to upload photos. I will send them via PM so you can consider to buy it or not. RP-Shop Bulgaria(fb page for buying RP) vouches for me, so I am trustworthy and will not attempts to scam you, I can give you the account to check it before you buy it, I will give you the e-mail code after I received payment. Thank you!

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    17 Apr, 2015

Barter priemash li :doge:

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