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Hello world!

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    21 Feb, 2016

Hey there, my name is haxle and I like long walks through the hidden wiki. I started messing with linux when I was a teenager and have since decided to try and know all I can! I'm a complete n00b but I'm trying to stay safe, I've got a few vms running on a host only network behind a pfsense firewall in bridged mode that allows for pretty good control of internet access to my test benches. I also have Dark Comet with Celesty binder to put up on the forum I just don't know where or how to host the file so my ip at home doesn't get over run.  I'm looking forward to learning a lot, I'm a college student and I'm looking to get into the VR field. I have an irc server that only myself and a few friends are using that I'd be willing to lend out to the community if needed. I also have a bunch of gentoo servers lying around waiting to be used. I don't have much to offer you guys as I'm new to this kind of activity but I'm a quick learner and I'll try to not be so much of a leech!

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    05 Jun, 2015



Use a VPN that allows port forwarding in that case (no logs of course Kappa )


Also I don't recommend you to use DC :pepe: welcome!

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