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Injustice and filth

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    15 Jun, 2015

Greetings, I'll talk about my experience since I've been here for almost a year.... I write what I think is funny and I write from a sense of injustice, whether it's about yourself, or whether it's about something else. It's my worldview so it doesn't mean that everybody has to agree with it... There are good and bad peoples, these with good conscience and these with bad conscience. I understand there are a lot of scammers and therefore lot of work for staff team but there is no rush,  over time everyone pays... I've been scammed but yea, fuck it, I can't do anything because I'm just a normal user. Although I do not care about money, I care about other peoples, these with bad conscience, they are still free on this forum regardless of whether they scammed other members... I will just do a little review of staff team from 1 to 10:




  • BROLY7 9/10 - isn't really active but there was some really legendary cracks!
  • c3iL 8/10 - also didn't active that much but he knows his job here and also on other forums
  • Helios 7/10 - Dont have too much to say, normal staff user
  • JokerArt 10/10 - Perfect staff, always active, he care about this forum and doing his best! Great job!
  • Levathian 6/10 - Ban hammer
  • oxidenigga 8/10 - Famous Oxide is well known for its ascendancy, keep this site online forever! Good admin ,but could be better.
  • stefsot 7/10 -Also a normal staff...
  • Sweden 5/10 -huh, could be a bit more polite to other members.

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