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    06 Jan, 2016
Hi guys,
As I'm not a native English speaker, I hope my description will be clear enough.
I couldn't find any working 21sextury/21members (http://21members.com/login) configs for capturing its captcha.
After comparing the config to the parameters received from the site, my guess is that they have updated their security lately or something.
Anyway, as I'm interested in learning using SentryMBA myself in more advanced level, I've decided to create a config myself, but I ran into a little issues.
I've scanned the internet for help/tutorials, but they are all seem very very basic,
Either tutorials which guide you how to load other people's config and how to set just set basic stuff, such as proxy list and combo list,
Or tutorials on creating your own configs, which doesn't cover more than a very basic level, which is likely fine for most sites, but isn't helpful in my situation.
The problem I'm having is like this-
In the OCR Stage page, I've managed to create a parsing code that capture the correct captcha page, as can be seen the the screenshot below
(In order to get the captcha to appear in the first place, I had to manually go to the login page (http://21members.com/login) and make an unsuccessful login attempt, in order for the captcha to appear).
The problem is, whenever I try to grab the actual captcha image, I've received the following error (as could also be seen in the screenshot below)-
'421 - Parsing Error in the Login State'
I've looked through google, youtube and several cracking forums, but couldn't find any tutorials that addresses custom parsing.
But I haven't gave up, and decided to give it a try anyway, and create a custom login stage parsing,
But since I'm taking a shot in the dark, I don't know if what I did is correct, or even if I'm on the right track/direction.
I've found 3 varaibles that changes on every login request, and created a parsing code that captures the 3 of them as well (as can be seen in the screenshot below)
But this has not resolved the 'Parsing Error in the Login Stage' error...
I would appreciate any direction, guidance, help or links to related tutorials from you guys.
Thanks in advance!

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