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Any way to trick Steam into thinking the game is running?

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  • The Real Hideo Kojima

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    11 Apr, 2015

I've got a smurf account that I subtly hack on, it's good and all, but people see my hours and are automatically suspicious. I've been running the game on my second computer for about 100 hours now, but it's using up a lot of resources on a computer that's just supposed to be a server to host my website, game servers, etc., so I really can't keep it open anymore. Steam Achievement Manager and Idle Master had a thing where it could trick Steam into thinking the game is currently being run, without having to use up resources to run the game. Is there any way I can get that in .bat form or a simple program so I can run CS:GO on my second computer without having to use a lot of resources?

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    04 Apr, 2016

Just download a low game. ("low" means a small game, what don't use your resources... eg.: Mario XD) Go to the dictionary where the low game has been installed (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\). Go into the low game's directory, and search for "steam_appid.txt". Open it with notepad, and change the number to the CS:GO's ID (730). Save it, and run the small game.


I done it with low game, called "Hell yeah" ID was: 205230. I changed it to 730 in the txt and when i started to play steam thought that i play with CS:GO.

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