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Hey guys quick question About scripting :)

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    13 Dec, 2015

Okay so ive been banned about 3 times in the last 2 months and im just wondering (no dont worry this isnt me crying about getting banned i really dont care ive already accepted that if im going to script im going to get banned simple as that ) back to the question i was wondering if there are scripts that are safer than others like you know less likely to get suspected or even detected by rito themselves like theres the obvious ( Cassiopeia scripts (if you use these in ranked you are asking for a ban) and evadeee somtimes when is makes you like stop dead in your tracks) but i also heard that if you play yas with windwalker its very hard to tell if you adjust your winwall settings properly but yeah so just wondering whats scripts are "Safer" Thanks guys :) 

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    03 Jul, 2015

No one is too sure how they detect hacking but a popular opinion is that they know about every hacker and just ban in waves. We don't know if they can detect BOL or EB directly but we do know they collect mps data. (moves per second) They also check reports and usually only ban people in waves. 1000's+ at a time. Only single players if they get 5+ reports in 2 days.

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