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acPH 2.1.3 [PUBLIC] 100% working!

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    19 Jan, 2016

acPH 2.1.3 [PUBLIC]

Can't post links, but here's a screenshot:

[F1] ESP
[F2] Permanent Radar
[F3] Bunnyhop
[F4] No Flash
[F6] Trigger Bot
[F7] No Recoil
[F8] Aimbot


NEW IN 1.2.0:

INSANE AIMBOT: added head aimbot, insanely fast, locks onto closest player instantaneously and has VELOCITY COMPENSATION (this means it will lock on PERFECTLY when the enemy is running/jumping/crouching!

The aimbot works with NO RECOIL to make sure every single bullet is a headshot. Please test this out in casual and give me feedback

NEW IN 2.1.3:

Everything works smoother now and the aimbot will be more discrete. Updated offsets to work with the latest version of CS:GO.


This a new hack release, 100% VAC undetected (as of 21st). Works with the latest update of CS:GO (no recoil/trigger etc work 100%) 9/1/2016...
Use at your own risk, shouldn't need to disable your antivirus or anything. Just open the hack and press the corresponding keys to enable the different features.

Try not to be obvious so you don't get overwatched, have fun in casual of course.

Why acPH?
This is a very lite and minimalistic version but the features still work perfectly. I haven't attempted to make any of the features absolutely perfect as this is a free hack, but I'm releasing it to add another option to the many options that already exist.

Leave feedback please!


For anyone with issues with DLL files that hasn't bothered reading the stickys:

Please go here:

Press "Download" and download the x86 version.
This just downloads official C++ runtime components by Microsoft to allow you to run this program (written in C++).


Download: http://rghost.net/6m2zcrtq5

Virus scans:

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